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Lia Seirotti's story, "How My Mother Taught Me to Love" was featured in the book In Our Thirties

In Our Thirties explores the opportunities and challenges of this decade of life. It is a guide to which more than 30 people contributed stories to. 

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A Farewell Letter

For years, Lia Seirotti wrote under the pseudonym "A Girl in Her 30s". Her previous website is no longer being updated. It will remain an archive of everything Lia was feeling and thinking when she first turned thirty. It will live as documentation of how feeling lost and confused can lead to incredible writing and even catharsis.

Follow the link if you're interested in reading previous pieces and learning more about Lia's evolution as a writer.


Pieces of History

"Writer Lia Seirotti collaborated on a project for Little Havana Me Importa, an interactive museum exhibit in Little Havana, Miami, a National Treasure of the National Trust. Here, she reflects on her experiences in the neighborhood she calls home, her time documenting the stories of 10 local residents, and why Little Havana matters."


Little Havana Me Importa:

Lia Seirotti worked with the National Trust as sole writer on a team of locals to create an interactive museum profiling the lives of ten subjects through a series of interviews over the course of a year.

Click to read more about  the project: Little Havana Me Importa: The Places and Faces That Define a Neighborhood.

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