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lia Seirotti - the Educator

My name is Lia Cristina Seirotti. I graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor’s in Education. Then I attained my master’s in Educational Psychology from Florida State University where I focused on online instructional design. For over a decade, I have been teaching students from all walks of life and varying ages.

I believe that all students deserve the opportunity to learn in the most conducive environment, whether it be in a physical building or via a virtual school, and that the teacher’s role is to provide authentic and engaging experiences through which the student can gain knowledge in a real-world context. It is with this frame of mind that I decided to leave the conventional education system to embark on a global journey of educating students virtually.

I am passionate about teaching, writing, social media, and volunteerism and hope to continue to, through these channels, inspire my students.

"All students deserve the opportunity to learn in their
best environment."
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