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Module 5

An overview for English III

Write the Essay in Parts:

For Module 5 of English III, you will write one essay. Across three assignments, you will work to write a five-paragraph essay which will then be submitted for a final project grade. You will write the essay in parts following the instructions in each section of the module. Each lesson will prepare you to write one part of the essay.

Click on the image below:

Module 5 English III.png

What NOT to do:

  • Don't write the entire essay at once.

  • Don't choose a topic that is not listed in section 5.05.

  • Don't forget to read the feedback for each assignment.

  • Don't forget to go back and make any revisions or edits recommended in the feedback.

How to be successful:

  • Always read the complete lesson before attempting to write a part of the essay.

  • Apply what you have learned in the lesson (either from the videos or reading) to your writing.

  • Read and print the grading rubrics so you understand how you will be graded.

  • Read the feedback after you receive a grade so you know how to improve your writing.

  • Contact your teacher on Skype if you want to improve your writing.

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